How To Make Easy Fudge

60 simple fudge recipes - NO thermometer required!

74-page cookbook featuring full-color images of every recipe

You don't need to boil sugar and use a candy thermometer to make delicious fudge. When you use the recipes in this book, you will never make grainy and crystallized or dry and crumbly fudge again. Our recipes produce velvety smooth and decadently creamy fudge.

And, they are so easy to make, some recipes use just two ingredients! With your microwave, you can have a batch of fudge in under 5 minutes. Our stovetop method takes a little bit longer, but you will never stir a pot of boiling sugar and worry about splattering molten hot sugar.

This book contains 60 easy fudge recipes that show you how to make traditional favorites like chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, and butter pecan, along with unconventional fudge flavors like cherry cola, chocolate chip cookie dough, cotton candy, and cake batter fudge. 

You’ll even find seasonal fudge flavors like pumpkin, strawberry, peppermint, and s’ mores fudge. If you are looking for a treat for grownups, be sure to check out our chapter filled with boozy fudge recipes featuring whiskey fudge, Irish Crème fudge, tequila fudge, and more. 

Fudge is a holiday favorite, so why not have some fun decorating your fudge for the season? We’ll teach you how to make fudge snowmen, reindeer, turkeys, hearts, and more.

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